Free Design Service

We provide a completely free design service. We’re happy to take care of the artwork for you. The design team at Printfactory has spent years developing creative and imaginative artwork. Once we have collected a few pieces of information, our design team will put together an initial concept and first draft. We then consult our manufacturing technicians who review our proposal, making sure it takes into account the inherent limitations of working with metal and plastic. Once both teams are happy, a photo-realistic, digital mockup is generated using our innovative proofing system. This shows how the card would look once produced. We then seek your feedback, making revisions until you are 100% happy with the layout. Ready to get started? Just complete our artwork request form or get in touch.

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Multiple Revisions

We love to design. We think we’re pretty good. But we are not naïve enough to think that the first design we send you will be a winner. There will be elements you like and some you don’t. Every customer has different tastes and priorities. So we don’t place an arbitrary limit on the number of revisions we’re prepared to undertake. Instead we work with you, using your feedback to patiently revise and alter the artwork, moving the project forward until you are 100% happy with the way it looks.  [/column]

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Innovative Proofing System

Producing a batch of involves the production of expensive prepress. That presents a challenge. Customers want an understanding of how the final product will look and feel before placing an order. Yet the cost of prepress makes it impractical to manufacture physical proofs. We’ve solved this dilemma by developing an advanced digital proofing system. This enables us to generate digital proofs showing exactly how the card will look once produced. Coupled with our ability to provide free samples of previously manufactured cards, the customer can accurately assess the design and quality of their own card before placing their order.[/column] [divider top=”0″] [column size=”1-2″ last=”0″ style=”0″]

Completely Bespoke

No two people or businesses are alike. We have created artwork for tens of thousands of customers and never come across two organizations whose requirements are identical. We don’t believe in templates or cookie cutter solutions. We strongly believe that the development of the artwork should be a collaborative, creative process that’s given the time and attention it deserves. It’s the only way to make sure that the print is as unique as the person handing it out.  [/column] [column size=”1-2″ last=”1″ style=”0″]

Experience & Guidance

The majority of our customers come to us without print-ready artwork. They may have an existing logo or a specific colour scheme in mind. Or maybe a completely blank canvas. Either way we’re happy to put together some ideas and send back an initial digital proof. This gives us a jumping off point; a concept we can discuss, refine and modify. We are here to listen, offer guidance and give advice on the limitations we are bound by when working with printed material.


Ready to get started? Simply select the product, choose your emotions (requirements) and here we are open to work at your order >>>